The 5,4,3 Method to Brand Clarity Self-Study Program

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About Course

This program is designed for entrepreneurs in the early stages of their brand journey. You’ll work through the steps of The 5,4,3 Method to Brand Clarity System on your own, at your own pace. To clarify the foundational details of your brand, from your target audience to the buyer journey to the core elements of your business model. You’ll also create a clear brand brief that communicates everything a designer must know to build your brand identity and a website that aligns with your big vision.

The Brand Clarity Self Study Program will help you create your brand brief and define your business journey, target audience, business plan, business basics, and marketing basics.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to define your brand mission
  • How to craft a vision statement
  • How to identify your core values
  • How to create your unique vision statemnt
  • How to assess & review your competitors
  • How to create customer personas
  • How to identify your target market
  • Who you want to work with & who you don't
  • What to consider when putting together pricing
  • How to set achievable goals that move the needle

Course Content

Business Journey
Discover how best to convey your business journey for your business.

  • What makes this personal for you?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish?
  • Why this business? Why now?
  • Core Principles & Mission Statement

Target Audience
Identify who your specific target audience is and create personas. Personas that help you with your strategy for connecting and engaging with them.

Business Plan/Model
Creating a business plan/model. One that allows you to build a strategy, pricing, and structure that leads to success and longevity.

Business Basics
Learn where to begin when thinking through starting a business. What steps to take to and how to prepare. Creating a path of least resistance.

Marketing Basics
How to put together a strategy that allows you to promote your business leading up to the launch. Increasing your chances of success and sales.

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